The Three Percent'ers (also written as "3%'er's") is an American patriotic movement which pledges resistance against the United States government regarding infringement of the United States Constitution.

Rothco Patriotic Graphics Printed Tees. Classic Vintage T-shirt features a super soft washed cotton/poly material for a classic vintage feel, tag-less label and classic looks. 

NOTE:T-Shirts are all sold separately by title and item number

  • 61060 Don't Tread on Me-Black t-shirt
  • 67707 Don't Tread on Me-Olive Drab t-shirt
  • 61160 Molon Labe
  • 61360 Proud Infidel
  • 61560 Come and Take it
  • 61580 Join or Die
  • 61530 Liberty or Death
  • 61540 Sheep Dog
  • 61570 Terrorist Hunting Club
  • 61520 Three Percent'er
  • 66137 It's Our Right
  • 66132 From My Cold Dead Hands


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