Buffalo Bob's Gourmet Wild Game Specialty Meat Snacks $2.15 per Stick

Buffalo Bob's brand products are made using an Old World recipe from Europe that has been passed down generation to generation and using farm raised USDA inspected North American Meats. The meat is ground, blended with seasonings, and slow smoked for as long as seven hours to capture the flavors of the selected hardwoods used in the smoking process.

  •  Available as a sausage style 1 ounce stick, or formed flat (no casing) jerky style 0.75 ounce stick
  • Each flavor comes in a 24 count poly bag. Minimum order is one 16 count gift box or 24 count bag. MSRP $2.15 per stick.
  • 6 bags per case. Bulk discounts with a minimum purchase of 3 or more cases. Contact us to arrange for bulk order/purchase. FREE SHIPPING ON 9 OR MORE CASES.
  • A copy of your Retail Tax License/Certificate is required for wholesale purchase.
  • Stock up for winter, road trips, camping trips, fund raising, stocking stuffers, family reunions, business promotions, employee incentives, summer camps, summer retreats, school vending.
  • Wholesale customers must call and email Retail/Resale tax certificate before order is released. 
  • HOURS:TUE.-SAT. 10:30 am - 6:30 pm Eastern Time.
  • Buffalo Bob's product is individually vacuum sealed to preserve freshness. Beware of unsanitary open air jerky displays in your local convenience store that harbor someone's germs. 
  • All product has a projected sell by date minimum of 9 to 12 months from the date that you receive your order.
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Alligator BBQ Jerky
Alligator Cajun Jerky
Beef Pemmican Jerky
Wild Boar BBQ Jerky
Buffalo Smoked Jerky
Buffalo Chipotle Jerky
Elk Hickory Smoked Jerky
Kangaroo Jerky
Ostrich Jerky
Venison Peppered Jerky
Alligator Cajun Sausage
Alligator Mild Sausage
Wild Boar BBQ Sausage
Buffalo Mild Sausage
Buffalo Spicy Sausage
Duck Maple Sausage
Elk Peppered Sausage
Kangaroo Sausage
Ostrich Sausage
Pheasant Sausage
Venison Fire Sausage
Venison Mild Sausage
Venison Teriyaki Sausage
Mexican Chorizo Sausage
Hawaiian Style Pork Sausage
Honey Ham Sausage
Jalapeno Pork Sausage
Smoked Beef Sausage

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